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What is a Life Care Plan? Part 2


In Part 1 of this series, we talked about life care plans and how they provide answers for the future like nothing else can. When a person is badly injured and does not know what the next few years or decades hold, life care planning provides a crucial lifeline. In Part 2, we are looking into why a life care plan works for everyone.

Do You Need a Life Care Plan?

If you are seeking out the benefits of a life care plan by reading this post, the answer is very likely “yes.” When all parties come together and a life care plan is created, a trusted single source of truth exists for the first time. The LCP is an essential communication tool. In court, it makes it possible for everyone connected to the case to evaluate an injury claim, understand medical needs, and review total cost. 

When it comes to non-catastrophic accidents or injuries, a life care plan has tremendous benefits. Many doctors are unable or unwilling to predict future care needs in the long term. This means the patient has to guess. Both in the examination room and in the courtroom, guessing is not ideal. 

In catastrophic injury cases, when someone will incur medical expenses for the rest of their life, a life care plan is a necessity. It takes the guesswork out of the equation. It provides a real roadmap for who the patient needs to see, how often, and what must be done month in and month out. Overall, it is a crucial and important resource.

Life Care Plans Work for Everyone

There are some common misconceptions about life care planning. People (or their counsel) assume that they are too expensive, take too long to draft, or are unneeded. Another big one is probably the response I hear the most—the assumption that the case in question is not large enough. That is easy to say when you are not the one suffering.

There is no joy or benefit from months and years of litigation. When all parties come together and a life care plan is created, a trusted single source of truth exists for the first time. It is key to closure for the injured patient. By finding a trained and available life care planner you are taking the first step toward navigating through the abyss and getting to the other side. It begins the next chapter of restoration and recovery.

Without a life care plan, stuck in ongoing litigation with few resources, life is very hard. What we do, our daily work, helps to make life worth living again. I can help. Schedule a phone call with my team today.


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