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Nearly 1.1 million people suffer serious burn injuries each year in the United States (American Burn Association, 2002). It is estimated that one person is injured in a fire every 23 minutes. As an experienced physical medicine doctor, Dr. Santo BiFulco, MD, is extensively trained in evaluating and treating burn injuries at BiFulco Medical Group in Tampa, Florida. Dr. BiFulco assesses the severity of the burn and compiles a comprehensive medical report to support a personal injury case or insurance claim. He also customizes a life care plan to help you anticipate the type and cost of care you’ll need for the remainder of your lifetime. Schedule a burn injury evaluation at BiFulco Medical Group today online or by phone.

Burn Injury Q & A

What are common types of burn injuries?

A burn injury can occur in accidents inside the home, out in public, or while you’re at work. Common types of burn injuries and conditions caused by burn injuries include:

  • Electrical burns
  • Hot liquid scalding
  • Direct contact with fire
  • Internal smoke inhalation injuries
  • Burn-injury caused infections (which kill 10k Americans every year)

Burn injuries can range from mild to life-threatening, depending on the type of burn and its location on your body. Auto accidents or a house fire can cause severe, full-body burns that result in a lifetime of chronic pain and disability.

Even minor burns can be disruptive to your life, causing permanent damage to your skin and nerves.

What can I expect during a burn injury consultation?

During your evaluation for a burn, Dr. BiFulco reviews the severity of your burn and the medical complications that resulted from the burn injury. His comprehensive review includes symptoms, medications, treatments, an assessment of your current status and function both at home and at work.

If you’re planning to pursue a trial for negligence or personal injury, Dr.BiFulco can create a life care plan that outlines expected medical treatments you’ll need over the course of your life relating to the burn, such as reconstructive surgeries and your overall disability. This plan considers the surgeries or other procedures you may need for treatment, as well as their costs.

When your burn injury is severe, Dr. BiFulco can also provide a vocational evaluation and a loss of earnings statement that identifies limitations in your earning potential due to your injuries. He can also serve as an expert witness for insurance claims or during a trial. These services can drastically improve the outlook for a recovering burn patient in their attempts to recover their health, lost wages, and more.

What are the benefits of having an expert witness for a burn injury?

A burn injury requires comprehensive medical attention to treat both the burn and the resulting health complications, such as skin and nerve damage.

As an expert in burn injuries, Dr. BiFulco has the experience needed to outline what you can expect medically and financially for your lifetime of care. This ensures you and your attorney have the comprehensive information needed to properly prepare for your claim or trial.

Dr. BiFulco has extensive experience in serving as an expert witness in burn-related cases. He works closely with your attorney in preparation for your case, analyzing existing medical records to clarify the true extent of your injuries.