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When Is the Right Time to Create a Life Care Plan?

The decision to obtain a life care plan is rarely an easy or uncomplicated choice. A serious and catastrophic condition with a chronic nature has usually occurred. Perhaps a physician or a lawyer has advised you that it is time to look toward the next step: contacting a life care planner for assistance. Whatever has brought you to our door here at BiFulco Medical Group, we want you to know that you are in good hands. Below is some additional guidance for making the decision to request a life care plan of your own.

Reasons to Get a Life Care Plan

There are a number of reasons to start up the life care planning process, but the central reason tends to remain the same:

  • An accident has occurred leading to serious or catastrophic injuries
  • You have been badly injured, with a long road to recovery ahead
  • There are permanent symptoms (fractures, scars, abnormalities of anatomy)

As a result, this has been a very difficult time for you and your family. You want to know: what am I in for? How long will it take me to feel better again? How much money will I have to spend to get there? How long will I need to take medicine? How many doctors will I require? Surgeries? Therapies?

Life Care Planning Answers the Important Questions

The good news is—the purpose of a life care plan is to answer all of these questions on your behalf. It is the spark that lights up some of the most important conversations you will have in this lifetime. Think of it as your most meaningful second opinion.

Physicians: Life care plans lay out the doctors you currently see and the ones you will need to see in the future. These include specialists of all stripes for both physical and mental health.

Medical Needs: Medicines you take and will take moving forward, by dosage and by duration, are included.

Therapy: Physical therapy and rehabilitation tend to be a major factor in most life care planning scenarios.

Surgeries: Surgeries will include even the ones you are likely to have 5 or 10 years down the line.


There is a misconception that life care plans are only useful if a court case arises. While they are certainly helpful in litigation, life care plans provide a roadmap well after legal matters are settled. Contact BiFulco Medical Group if you need any advice in the life care planning process—that’s what we are here for.

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